Vehicle Foil Coating

Product Features

Foil coating protects your vehicle from harmful sun rays
It will be protected from certain factors that will cause damage to the surface. Snow, mud, etc.
Your car paint will be protected from minor stone scratches, bird droppings
Vehicle paint protection products cost will be saved
When the foil is removed, your car paint will be in same as brand new, second hand sale will increase your car value.
The original color of the vehicle will be preserved and there will be no loss of value
Vehicle coating is carried out in a shorter time and is much smaller in cost than vehicle painting.
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Foil Coating Processes

  • Parts of the vehicle and color will selected for coating
  • Vehicle surface will be cleaned for coating
  • Surface will be checked
  • Any deformations on the surface will be removed (lacerations, dents, indentations etc.)
  • Some parts of the vehicle will be removed
  • The surface to be cleaned from dust and dirt with professional material
  • The vehicle is ready to be foil coated at room temperature and the coating process is carried out
  • The demounted parts are remounted
  • If the vehicle is covered with a different color, necessary changes on vehicle license will be made by car license bureau
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