WRC / 200W Wireless Remote-Controlled Siren Announcement Device

Product Features

Features Descriptions
Product Code WCR-200W
Operating Voltage 12 VDC
Output Power 2×100 Watt (RMS), sound 2×50 Watt (Announcement)
Siren Dimensions (cm) 110×50×180
Working Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Standards  SAE J 1849 (Amerikan Otomotiv Mühendisleri Birliği Standartları)
Quality System CE, ISO 9001

Remote Control Features

Two warning light buttons
Flash mode button
External audio input button (AUX / RADIO)
Air horn button
Manual siren sound button
Wail sound button
Yelp sound button
Phaser sound button
Remote control holder
Battery charge indicator
Battery last for 20-30 days (No power consumption on sleep mode)
Headset input on wireless remote control (optional)
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  • Siren and announcement device totally controlled by microprocessor
  • Wireless announcement
  • LED warning system on the remote control for active functions
  • Animated LED indicator for the light flashing modes
  • 3,7 Volt Li-Pol battery
  • Wireless remote control range 50 m (Open field )
  • Aluminum body
  • System protected for short circuit and reverse connection
  • Easy-to-install connectors
  • 2 years warranty for all the OGS ELEKTRONIK products
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